This was out of anything i’ve seen. When i run the technical closing via COHV for production orders, I’ve observed that it throws out a dump for me. Putting the blame on a field for COUNTER and it says overflow occurred with MESSAGE_TYPE_X. Also suggesting to run COWORKDISPATCHNEW report. As a functional consultant, this was hell of a ride to find the solution.

The Incident

Let’s get basic. When you try to run technical close a production order via CO02; if there’s a COGI record for production order, SAP throws a popup if you are sure to close the order even though there are post-processing records.

BUT if you are using BAPI_PRODORD_COMPLETE_TECH function to close, SAP doesn’t show a popup for your development, instead it just logs the popup up to a table for post-processing… Guess which one. It’s FUNREQ.

When i come across the problem, my customer had a system running with the development for more than 5 years. Eventually it hugged 271.000 records within FUNREQ. Which already had come to limits of COUNTER field (4 chars) and arrived at 9999.

So before cleaning up the FUNREQ first we need to prevent new records from creating. SAP’s note just gives you the solution.


It says; if you are going to use BAPI_PRODORD_COMPLETE_TECH, just before this function, call DIALOG_SET_NO_DIALOG function to avoid popup generation, even in the background.

How to Clean FUNREQ

The dump gives the solution, it’s obvious to clean. Run the report via SE38, “COWORKDISPATCHNEW” and just choose “delete” radiobox. After a short amount of time it will either throw dump or succeed. If it shows the dump with no space remaining, there’s also an SAP note.

2737260 – COWORKDISPATCHNEW generates runtime error TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED when function requests are deleted

When you apply related note, you’ll be able to cleanup the FUNREQ using COWORKDISPATCHNEW and clear to use brand-new clean sheet FUNREQ and use COHV.

Thank you.