As this post is the second coming; since the first encounter is doing pretty well, i wanted to keep the Apps list going.


I can easily say this fella has the most convenient job for my everyday routine. What it does is simply, you move your mouse to the edge of screen, and a window automatically slides in. You can assign different pages to different vertical tabs.

SlidePad in action

Currently I use SlidePad as a communications software. I have assigned my company comms, whatsapp web, android messages web into it. It also supports variety of urls.

It’s 30-day free trial with $10 premium on


This app was the hardest app to find in the bunch. Even though there are lots of text editors around, its pretty difficult to find the free & effective tool.

Atom comes in just right in the time. Since it gives you tabs, a convenient text space, line numbering, good text selection options, a developer mode, packages and lots of other tools, it makes the perfect choice.


You can get it from it from

Background Music

Actually this application is the jewel of this group. Also an all-time-expected thing in the mobile environment. It’s pretty interesting how we can see it on a computer first. What it does is a bit clear. Let’s think that you are listening music from spotify and you’ve come across a youtube video. It automatically silences spotify so that you can watch video uninterrupted. In the end, when the video gets finalized, it just continues to the rhythm.

Get it from

Tick Tick

Nowadays even though developers tend to make their apps available multi-platform, it’s still pretty hard to find an app to answer all the daily tasking needs. Even though there are many, Tick Tick is far the best. It offers multi-platform capabilities, setting alarms, labelling, grouping, dark mode, sharing, collaboration, a calendar mode and many more.

It offers free version also a premium which currently costs $27.99 per annum with subscription model.

TickTick on MacOS

Get it from


Windows 10’s one of the best features is window snapping through the edges of screen. You drag the window to the edge and BAM! it scales and fits the window.

Since MacOS’ window management is rather different, Magnet solves the equation. So, you can snap your window to anywhere on your screen as you require.

You can obtain Magnet from MacOS App Store.

Bartender 3

If you are using lots of apps, your taskbar will surely get longer and disturb you. Bartender’s approach is simple. So, just add a bowtie to swap between hidden and available items. You can choose what to hide or unhide from UI.

hidden items
unhidden items

Get it from

This list currently has the best apps i currently use for daily tasks. I also have posted a first list. If you wish to, you can get to that post from here.

Thank you.