As I have made a fast-paced entry to Macintosh environment, this post was inevitable to write down. I know there are limited options whatsoever, but they’ll all influence your daily routines of using MacOS.

  • unclutter
  • Alfred 4 powerpack
  • CleanMyMac (CMM)
  • Transmission
  • Movist Pro
  • Lightshot


This teeny-weeny program includes pretty convenient features. Clipboard (stores your last copies), note taking app, and file shortcut. All you need to do is get to the top with cursor, and make a double finger down.

After you’ve finalized your process, it just vanishes as soon as you move away.

Alfred 4 with Powerpack

We all adore and love spotlight search in Mac (command + space). Years and years it has gotten a long way. But it’s still not good enough if you ask me. Not as good as Alfred 4.

What it does is simple. I just helps you to find everything with a text search box. You want to shut down your mac? Just write down “shutdown”. Maybe google something? Just write it. Create your own routines with workflows maybe…

Solely, Alfred 4 can be a little bit simple. So it’s better to get the Powerpack too.

It’s highly effective when it comes to automate things especially with workflows. There a tons of workflows that you can automate with Alfred.

JPG search at Alfred

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MacOS’ file approach is a little bit different. When we install an app, we can be installing a lot of garbage with it. CMM gets into the deal at that time. Its features involves, malware scan, big file search, uninstaller, junk cleaner… Every tool related to scoop out the unnecessary.

CMM X in uninstaller mode

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This is the far best bittorrent client. It’s simple, effective and lightweight. Just don’t forget to get the add it to the launchpad. It doesn’t get installed.


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Movist Pro

When it comes to media players, we mostly rely on VLC media player.

Movist Pro just dethroned the king with its design and functionality for me. With Macbook Pro’s retina display, it just creates the best movie experience by far.

Get it from;


Our last -but not least- app is good old Lightshot.

With the correct shortcut application, it enables you to get the perfect screenshots. When you hit it, it dims the screen, and gives you tools with rectangle to clip the screen. If you want, you can save it as file, copy it, store and get link from cloud. OR you can just modify the image you clipped. On the screen. It’s also available for Windows.

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I use these guys heavily under current circumstances. As long as I’ve got new apps, I’ll add new lists.