Classification Controlling is one-of-many ways in SAP to keep values attached to orders.

Even though it’s basically created for Controlling, we can make SAP keep Characteristic values over Production Orders.


First step is to enabling classification of orders. This will allow us to enable gray-outed option under Header.

Path: SPRO -> Production -> Shop Floor Control -> Master Data -> Order -> Define Order Types

But if we haven’t generated the Characteristics yet, we will get an Error as below, and get kicked out of the session. That’s why we have to create the characteristics for order class first.

Path: SPRO -> Controlling -> Internal Orders -> Information System -> Summarization -> Order Summarization and Classification Characteristics -> Choose and Generate Characteristics (tcode : OKQ3)

This part is a bit tricky and opinion based. Because this class can keep all production order-related information. Most of the times, I choose to keep everything.

By the way, this process is not followed by a request, that’s why you must generate class for every single server including (Development, Quality, Production etc.).

When we generate the characteristics, from now on we are able to observe them under the SAP_KKR_CLASS. Just like another class, we can modify and add characteristics we like in CL02 transaction.


And of course, able to observe them in production orders (CO02).


We are able to add new characteristics into this class via CL02 as we please, btw don’t miss out that Class Type is 013.

With the help of BAPI_OBJCL_GETDETAIL and BAPI_OBJCL_CREATE functions, we can modify/read orders as we like in Z* tcodes. Or we can use AUSP table.