And you soon realise that his aspirations are self-delusional. Bo Harwood

Other than that, the differences between the two versions are mostly reductions. Faces Distribution Cosmo seems to be living the good life, but he’s ultimately lonely.   |  He’s consumed by the need to impress, yet also seems bored with everything apart from his one overriding obsession – his club.

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The final moments see him making a heartfelt on-stage tribute to his staff and rallying his argumentative performers – including down-at-heel but ego-driven comic Mr Sophistication (Meade Roberts) – before heading out into the daylight to find his pockets full of his own blood.   | 

The film stars Ben Gazzara as Cosmo Vittelli a strip club owner whose gambling addiction leaves him in hot water with the mob. The film's original release, at 135 minutes in length, was a commercial disappointment and the film was pulled from distribution after only seven days.

The 1978 version is the one that has been in general release since that time, though both versions of the film were issued in The Criterion Collection's John Cassavetes: Five Films box set, marking the first appearance of the 1976 version since its original release.

With Ben Gazzara, Timothy Carey, Seymour Cassel, Robert Phillips. Phillip Lopate's Criterion Collection Essay, The bulk of the cutting in the 1978 version removed many of the nightclub routines that were in the 1976 version. Nine Banded Books "[7], Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 77% of 22 film critics have given the film a positive review, with a rating average of 6.4 out of 10.[8]. The viewers will have to decide that for themselves.

John Cassavetes 23 October 2019 Read the transcript • Trailer transcripts • Credits • Home media • Soundtrack • Production • Trivia • Gallery.

You go back and watch it again and again, and each time you discover some nuance or emotion or idea, or a certain scene or line that resonates. Language USA.

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En route to the killing, he stops off to phone the club to see how the show is going; when shot, his one concern is to get back to the club. With Ben Gazzara, Timothy Carey, Seymour Cassel 35mm. Cosmo’s ego, his weakness for gambling and his misguided self-belief are all it takes to make him beholden to the Mob. Forced into a corner again, Vittelli manages to kill or elude his assailants, but the film ends with no indication of whether Vittelli will survive his ordeal, as the show at his club goes on. John Cassavetes Produced by

From The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation to On the Rocks, IMDb dives into the cinematic stylings of Academy Award-winning writer and director, Sofia Coppola.

1976. Ben Gazzara is on top form as Cosmo. The actual Marx quote is "Religion is the opiate of the masses.". It turns out, that the person who Vitelli had just repaid his debt to is associated with the mob and sets up Vitelli by bringing larger fish gangsters to Vittelli's artistic club.

Release date(s) The Killing of a Chinese Bookie is, in the end, less about gangland murder and blackmail (the titular killing happens offscreen) and more a study of emptiness. The Mafia hoods who run the club suggest that he can clear the debt by assassinating a gangland rival – the Chinese bookie of the title. Variety

Vittelli manages to kill the man and several of his bodyguards, but is severely wounded before escaping. The ending is ambiguous – we don’t know what will happen to Cosmo. Directed by Even when he seems happy, you sense the emptiness within. English 135 minutes108 minutes (Re-release)

However, it would be wrong to suggest that the shorter version is compromised or commercialised in any way. The evening culminates in a poker game in which Vittelli loses $23,000 (2016, $97,500 equivalent) returning him to the debtor's position he had just left. -In the 1978 version, Cosmo's meeting with the gangsters is extended. MUBI Script error: No such module "Check for unknown parameters". The dialogue – apparently mostly scripted – feels improvised and the almost documentary realism of much of the film is helped by Cassavetes shooting mostly hand held, often with tight close-ups – when Rachel attacks an auditioning would-be dancer, it’s represented as much by sound as by frenetic vision, something that actually increases the violence of the act without actually showing it. on The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie – John Cassavetes’ Realist Crime Drama, View reprobatemagazine’s profile on Facebook, View reprobatemagazine’s profile on Instagram, View UCXEA1Zps6uenXtvYIA6cLXQ’s profile on YouTube. The film lacked a consistent point of view, or perhaps it had as many as it had actors, director and cameramen. Alongside the colour palate – the club scenes bathed in an otherworldly neon glow – this intensely intimate shooting style is the making of the film. Distributed by Script error: No such module "citation/CS1". In the opening part of the longer cut (and it’s the early part that has lost most footage), we see gangster Mort (Seymour Cassel) visiting Cosmo’s club, The Crazy Horse West and flattering the keen-to-impress owner, suggesting he visits the gambling club – effectively setting him up as a patsy. Vitelli fatally shoots Mort but Mort's mob companion is left in a warehouse firing off rounds into warehouse walls, hunting for Vitelli. | There’s slightly more use of incidental music in the shorter cut (the only music in the longer version is that which is heard within the story) and the whole thing is a little tighter.

Like what we do? This is the second of their three collaborations, following Husbands and preceding Opening Night. The Killing of a Chinese Bookie was the first John Cassavetes film I saw, on a late night BBC broadcast when I was in my teens.

-The 1978 version cuts out most of the bits involving Cosmo picking up the girls to go to the club, including meeting with families and talking to one of them in the limo. There was such a thing as independent film before Sundance and sex, lies, and videotape.And tough-guy actor?turned?director John Cassavetes was its master and martyr. One of them was The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, a film that displays most of the faults of his kind of on-the-hoof film-making - and all the virtues. Warped Perspective. Seymour Cassel, Frequent John Cassavetes and Wes Anderson Actor, Dies at 84.

Vittelli is led to believe that his target is a small-time criminal of minor consequence, the Chinese bookie of the film's title; but in fact, he is the boss of the Chinese mafia, "the heaviest cat on the West Coast."

Is there more retribution to be faced for his actions? Mitchell BreitAl Ruban I'm not sure if I LIKED it, but it sure was original..." Then later you find yourself haunted by it. The order of several scenes has been changed, there are different edits of a few scenes, and there are a few segments unique to the 108-minute version. The 1976 Special Award went to John Cassavetes for the quality of his work as shown in this exceptional film.

The Greatest Films of All Time 2012. Movies and Mania The Killing of a Chinese Bookie The dancers– including Cosmo’s girlfriend Rachel (Azizi Johari) and Russ Meyer regular Haji – are all made more human than most films featuring strippers manage, giving give great, naturalistic performances –  and they are not presented as damaged or victims, thank God. Cosmo is forced into doing something much worse than starring in The Devil’s Angels to save his dream, but the principal seems the same. I would include it with movies such as 'Blow Up', 'Performance' and 'Eraserhead', which may not have much to do with each other on the surface, but are what I would call puzzlers. Crime, Drama, Thriller.

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie. The Killing of a Chinese Bookie remains my favourite Cassavetes film – and Cassavetes is one of my favourite filmmakers.

These two significant moments really ought to have been in the original cut. Cosmo Vitelli, proprietor of a cheesy strip club called the Crazy Horse West, isn't a bad guy, but he drinks too much and gambles with abandon. Desperate to save his club and forced into a corner, Cosmo agrees but then finds himself badly wounded during the ensuing shoot out and double crossed by the Mafia who want him out of the way to clear up any loose ends. His club offers a somewhat tacky cabaret – bad humour, little actual striptease (at one point he complains “this is supposed to be a strip club but nobody ever takes their clothes off!”) and his attempt to seem sophisticated seem misguided – the gangsters are laughing at him and his club behind his back, even as they consider taking it away from him.

That jerk Karl Marx said opium was the... religion of people. There are two different cuts of the film – the original 134 minute cut that was released to harsh criticism in 1976 and the 109 minute re-edit re-released in 1978 to wide public indifference. Using the debt as leverage, his mob creditors coerce him into agreeing to perform a "hit" on a rival.

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie was the first John Cassavetes film I saw, on a late night BBC broadcast when I was in my teens. Vitelli and Mort (Seymour Cassel) share talk and conversation about the club ownership business, Vitelli orders Mort and his party bottles of Dom Perignon.

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie is a 1976 American art and crime film directed and written by John Cassavetes and starring Ben Gazzara. American Society of Cinematographers to Honor Frederick Elmes, 13 October 2019 Both versions are included here and both are worth watching. Quillette Written and directed by John Cassavetes. Does he live? A rough and gritty film, the formidable character Gazzara plays was based on an impersonation he did for his friend Cassavetes in the 1970s. Flashbak 'The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie' is one of the most interesting and original movies I've ever seen. 135 min Everything that happens is about saving his club, even if he is dooming himself in the process. -The 1978 version cuts out an early scene of Cosmo in the dressing room with Mr Sophistication and the girls. Running time It also becomes evident that due to Vitelli's direct combat experience in Korea and his snap execution of the West Coast Chinese gangster leader and his bodyguards, that, in fact, his Italian gangster foes are "amateurs" in comparison to him. A film maker of vaunting, demanding individuality, Cassavetes is like a jazz soloist, an improviser who tears off on wild riffs from a basic, familiar melody. Vitelli loses his "black" and "beautiful" girlfriend, Rachel (Azizi Johari) and the support of her loving mother due to the chaos and the gunshot wound he refuses to acknowledge. The Killing of a Chinese Bookie is a 1976 American art and crime film directed and written by John Cassavetes and starring Ben Gazzara. Cult Never Dies I got news for him, it's money.

Culture Wikia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. | It’s unsurprisingly that this film, as opposed to, say, Opening Night or Faces was considered suitable for mainstream TV broadcast, given that it’s the closest of Cassavetes’ highly personal, intimate films to a genre piece – a crime / gangster film involving strippers and murder is probably an easier sell to Friday night viewers than a drama about alienation or the fear of ageing. This remains much the same film, just edited differently. In addition to the potentially fatal gunshot wound he sustains, Vittelli comes to realize that his True to Cassavetes' form, the 108-minute version is not just a simple edit of the 135-minute version.

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